Our Story

Band…DJ….Band….DJ…..ok BAND! But will the band be able to play great Aunt Sally's favorite song from 1920? How 'bout a band that has the ability to offer DJ services too? Now which band? Choices, choices, choices...


You're planning your event, and there are so many things to consider. Everyone has a budget and whether it's big or small, it's a significant factor in the equation. By and large what your guests will remember most are the food and the music so that's where your cash should go.

Why De Novo? Well, let's start with experience. The band brings many years of it to the stage. We have performed at all types of events (weddings, corporate affairs, municipal functions, political gatherings, private parties, benefits, high school reunions and night clubs) which helps us adapt quickly, and effectively to any playing situation. We are an affordable solution to the band/DJ quandary as we can offer the band for the entire evening, or a combination of the band and a DJ. There is no doubt that live performers add flair and flavor to an event unachievable by recorded music, but many are out of reach for the average consumer. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a quality product that is financially attainable by most.

Where have we played? The list is long…some of our favorites are: St Clements Castle, Anthony's Ocean View, New Haven Country Club, Water's Edge, East Haven green, Wallingford Country Club, Cascade, The Log Cabin, Woodwinds, Aqua Turf, Stonington Meadows and some fabulous backyards across the state!

What do we play? We run the gamut from the 60's - today. Our song list is not restricted to any generation or genre. We appeal to the masses, and tailor the show to meet your needs.

Last but not least, you can be assured that we'll bring our best to your event on and off the stage. We're professional, courteous, high-energy, flexible and fun! Our job is to enhance your event, not be the event.

Join the others who have made De Novo their choice…..you won't be disappointed!